One of each of Bree's Bath Tea Satchel w/Rose Quartz Heart & Grounding Sage Spray

Organic Bath Tea Satchel
Bathe in flowers like the goddess you are with my luxurious handmade Bath Tea in an elegant linen organza lace satchel that includes a Rose Quartz heart!

Made with:
• Lavender
• Jasmine
• Roses
• Chamomile
• Rosemary
• Lavender oil
• Lots of love!

Note: For best results, steep the satchel in a medium pot of boiled water with the lid on for 10-15 minutes. Carefully transfer the hot steeped water to your bathtub (check to make sure the bath is not too hot before getting in). Allow the satchel to float around you in the tub. This is a wonderful time to speak any healing affirmations to yourself and focus on positive things for and about you. :) Don't forget to keep the beautiful rose quartz heart!

Grounding Sage Spray
When it’s inconvenient or unsafe to burn sage, try my amazing smokeless alternative to tune the vibes in your office, apartment, car or even pet!

• Proprietary blend of White Sage, Lavender, Frankincense, Florida Water & Essential Oils.
• Includes Black Tourmaline crystals
• Removes negativity
• Instantly tunes & refreshes the vibe
• Calms anxiety
• Long shelf life
• Smells fantastic
• Handmade in small batches
• Beautiful glass spray bottle

Note: The white sage used in my recipe is ethically sourced!
10ml Travel Size

Organic Bath Tea Satchel & Grounding Sage Spray Combo

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